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Disney World Circa 1995

Our Story...


Ryan and Priscilla met in 1994 in high school french class. Ryan sat in front of Priscilla and one day noticed her writing a note to hand to a friend after class. He mentioned he had never received a note in school before, so Priscilla wrote him one and gave it to him at the end of class. The next day Ryan gave Priscilla a note back, which was a note saying thank you for writing him a note ( essentially a thank you note for Priscilla's note) which she thought was charming.  After that they became friends, and remained close friends even after high school, visiting each other in college. Both Ryan and Priscilla moved out of Florida after college, and saw each other a few times after but eventually lost touch.

In 2010,  Priscilla moved back to Florida and contacted Ryan to reconnect. The years we spent apart allowed the friends to see each other in a new light. They began to date, both trying to be careful, both not sure if they could be a couple after being friends for so long. However, It quickly became clear that their friendship had provided the support they needed to build a loving partnership. Ryan proposed on a weekend trip to St. Petersburg, FL in October 2012. 



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